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The adventure of life: The Forest

When I purchased this book a few weeks ago, I had no idea what it was about.
I have a weakness for thick books and for publications of outstanding quality, where the paper seems to be playing a role in the narration.
So I basically had a quick look at a video and then trusted the publisher.

We are reading the Italian edition by Terre di Mezzo, the English one by Enchanted Lion Books will be out in June 2018.

Author Riccardo Bozzi is a journalist, contributor to Italian Il Corriere della Sera since 1990, Valerio Vidali is known for his inspiring picture book Jemmy Button, which was in The New York Times selection of best illustrated children's books in 2013, while Violeta Lopiz is a Spanish illustrator.

The Forest comes from their ambitious idea of representing the adventure of life through a sort of sensory allegory.

Reading involves in fact a tactile dimension here: The Forest is a thick book full of double-spread illustrations on white card, die-cuts, embossing, cutouts and gatefolds.
This engages even younger readers while the lyric narration perfectly fits into the rhythm of the pages and will resonate with older ones.
But above all I think that the sensory approach keeps the attention on what we know about life: its matter.
It's all about showing and feeling rather than telling or teaching (very Montessori-oriented in this sense). It's experience, not explanation.
We know about nature's life cycles and about its regeneration power, but we don't know to which extent this will happen.
We know that our life as explorers has a set limit.

What's beyond the forest is a mistery. Someone says a brush of young pines.

Another book finally leaving all doors open to interpretation, either this goes towards hope or humble acceptance.

La Foresta
by Riccardo Bozzi
Illustrated by Violeta Lopiz & Valerio Vidali
Italian Edition by Terre di Mezzo
Reading age:4+
Themes: Life cycles, Nature

At the beginning the forest is just a brush of young pines, free from danger. It's quite fun to walk through it..

During this phase, the explorers spend their time looking at the ants, without noticing that dawn is turning into dusk 

It becomes more and more difficult to go through the forest as it gets thicker, but also more fascinating..

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