Revising Bedtime Routine: Buon Viaggio Piccolino!

This lovely board book by Beatrice Alemagna is available in French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.
We hope that it will be published in English as well, following the success of other Alemagna's titles around the world (The 5 Misfits will be out in paperback in two weeks in the UK)

Buon viaggio piccolino! ('Safe Travel Little One!') is a sweet tribute to bedtime: we follow a one year old getting ready for bed like if he had to take a flight and leave for a long trip, routine and sleep are serious stuff here.
As he goes through the list of his essentials to bring (which we find on the back cover, including a copy of Little Blue, Little Yellow) his destination is revealed.
Babies and toddlers will love to point at the objects and to mum and dad sharing different steps of the routine, and can be encouraged to make their own list of items and to revise their bedtime routine.

I appreciate the sense of safety and independence that the book conveys, together with the reassurance given by the strong routine.
It's a sweet book that easily resonates with very young children although some of the objects related to sleep are stereotyped (dummy, bottle, cot, sippy cup, music mobile) and despite the fact that most babies at that age might not fall asleep independently just listening to the music of a mobile, unless they've been trained somehow. And that is totally fine and normal.

The book is filled with the Alemagna's unique, quirky style, which I feel is somehow in the middle between Cubism and Naif, with that feeling of being in a Parisian setting, plus tons of details that intrigue little ones without fail.
Buon viaggio piccolino! [2017]
by Beatrice Alemagna
Italian edition by Topipittori
Reading age: 1+
Themes: Bedtime, Routine, Independence

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