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Vacanze [The Holidays]

Ready for a 138 pages silent wonder?
‘The holidays’ [Nos vacances] is the last magnificent wordless book by French illustrator Bernard Granger, aka Blexbolex.

A young girl is enjoying the holidays in the countryside with her grandfather, until he brings home a little elephant and everything changes.
The girl must deal with the unexpected (and unwanted) guest, symbol of diversity, experiencing a range of different emotions.

It’s impossible to fully explain this story, we are still in the process of grasping all the details and it would be unfair to any reader trying to do the same.
It’s a generous long book, a book that feels almost sensorial because of the quality of the print.
Blexbolex illustrations are bold, unique.
There is the very much real French landscape with hot sun, yellow fields and the sound of cicadas, and then there is a dreamlike dimension which fits into it, only separated by an amazing use of colour.

We go through the pages quickly, the use of frames makes the narration utterly cinematic and engaging.

Then the levels of reality and emotions start to mix up and we go back and forth many times to grasp the sequence of events, and to enjoy the illustrations again.

We can’t say this is an easy one, but definitely a must have if you like to get lost in a book like we do:)


Vacanze [2017]
English 🇬🇧 edition by Gecko Press
Italian 🇮🇹 edition by orecchioacerbo
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Diversity, Acceptance, Self-development, Dealing with emotions, Growing up

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