Un grande giorno di niente [On a beautiful do-nothing day]

Every year we can’t wait to celebrate the arrival of spring, but the truth is we can still have a couple of months of miserable weather over here before London gives us those amazing blue skies in June.

Years ago I was just dealing (badly) with my own grumpiness. But after having children I realised that we had to learn how to face the sadness and disappointment on days of bad weather, trying to accept the rain, the lack of light, the chilly wind, possibly making them exciting and slightly magical.
That’s why I love books about rain and I ‘use’ them as a pill against weather-induced moodiness.

Beatrice Alemagna’s latest book ‘On a magical do-nothing day’ is a celebration of rain, mud, darkness and loneliness too, in a way.
There is a young boy spending a holiday with his mum, who is busy working.
He is forced to overcome boredom after losing his videogame and finds the solution just out there, in the rain that was keeping him stuck at home.

The story itself follows a known structure in this sense, indoor-outdoor-back indoor (I’m thinking about ’Rain’ by Sam Usher, which also involves some hot chocolate :), although the reading experience is very original.

Beatrice’s pencil gives a truly magical feeling to the elements of nature and to the boy’s walk and the illustrations beautifully convey the sense of liberation achieved when he finally manages to connect with nature, in its apparently more boring and hostile face.
We join who already applauded this fascinating picture book, and wish all children many many do-nothing days!
On a magical do-nothing day [available in 🇮🇹Un grande giorno di niente]
by Beatrice Alemagna
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Being alone, Independence, Relationship with Nature, Relationship with parents

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