This is not an abecedary

I have been searching for some good alphabet books for a while now.
We are in the middle of the sensitive period for language over here and the interest for letters and words has spiked.
Elisha Cooper (2018 Caldecott Honor with ‘Big Cat, Little Cat’) ticked all the boxes with his book ‘8: an animal alphabet’:
It's fun (it involves animals and some counting too, since in each page one of the animals is pictured 8 times);
Illustrations are accurate and realistic, which we hugely appreciate especially when it comes to fauna and flora;
Each page is rich in detail but not too confusing, which makes it manageable by three or four year olds;
It’s informative, since it has a list of fun facts for each animal at the end of the book.
Just like the author, 8 is also my daughter’s favourite number! Not really a requirement, but a plus:)
8: An animal alphabet
by Elisha Cooper
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Reading&Counting, Animals, Non-Fiction

Our choice in Italian is ‘Alfabetiere’, by Italian designer and artist Bruno Munari, written back in 1960.
It's not technically an abecedary, since the letters are not listed in the traditional order but by learning difficulty.
Each letter is pictured in different fonts and it’s a feast of alliterations, rhymes and tongue-twisters.
The focus is on the sound.
I love the fact that Munari plays with any word, including ‘difficult’ and old-fashioned ones, celebrating the richness of the Italian language.
Because words are words and children are very capable to learn them all.
A must-have for all nostalgic, language nerds!

Alfabetiere, Facciamo assieme un libro da leggere
by Bruno Munari
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Speaking, Reading, Letters recognition, Non-Fiction

ℹ️Sensitive periods in the Montessori pedagogy are periods of time in a child’s life when he manifests the urge to acquire a specific skill and is therefore strongly sensitive to a specific area of knowledge. A window of opportunity which does not recur.
The one for language goes from birth to six years.

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