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The uncorker of ocean bottles

I came across this book fascinated by the cover, I admit.

Who is behind this gem?
The author is Michelle Cuevas [Confessions of an imaginary friend, known to Italian readers as Le avventure di Jacques Papier, winner of the Andersen Prize 2016 - Best book for age 9-12]
and the illustrator is Erin E.Stead, winner of the 2011 Caldecott Medal with A sick day for Amos McGee, written by her husband, author and illustrator Philip C.Stead.

The story
There is a very special postman here, with a special job: to open and deliver all messages found in bottles at sea. One day, he finds a bottle with no name on it. The search of the recipient will take him to what he has been searching for a while.
It's a story that takes place in a non-space, because it's the story of every man looking for friendship and for life.
This non-space is perfectly depicted by Erin's style: the elegance and lightness of her illustrations go hand by hand with this delicate story.

I feel this book calls for some sort of 'slow reading' , so choose the right quiet time to read it to your children, and in the meantime enjoy it on your own:)


The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles [ available in Italian: Il postino dei messaggi in bottiglia]
by Michelle Cuevas
Illustrated by Erin E.Stead
Themes: Kindness, Friendship, Relationship with others
Reading age: 3+

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