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Amos & Boris

So, I bought this at Momo as well, in Italian. 
The choice of buying either in Italian or English is not random, even if that's what it looks like:)
I usually follow the language of the author, with two exceptions: rhyme stories and books that are longer than usual for us (like this one).
My eldest daughter has been exposed to English during the past year at school, but she still masters Italian much better, and often asks us to translate English books to her, which I absolutely don't mind. We have in fact always focused much on keeping her Italian alive as much as possible, before she will inevitably enter that 'social' phase' when she will start refusing it (maybe not, but very likely).

So while we still read to her, if the book is quite long I prefer to have it already translated in Italian by a pro, otherwise the reading experience would be affected.

So this is it. We loved this book! 

What can the tiniest and the biggest mammals on earth possibly have in common?
My eldest daughter is just the right age to start enjoying longer stories and we tried with this Italian edition of Amos&Boris.

It’s a classic story of friendship between a castaway mouse and a whale, two apparently very different creatures who are meant to live apart.
I love the way Steig gently illustrates this story, quietly supporting a beautifully rich narration.
It touches grown ups and enchants little ones.
A gigantic, big big love 🎶
As a parent, you can’t but wish that your children will experience it at least once in their life.
A book out of time by a unique, unmissable author.
Amos e Boris [🇬🇧Amos & Boris]
By William Steig
Readin age: 4+
Themes: Diversity, Friendship, Adventure, Trust

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