Out, out, away from here

Out, out, away from here is Rachel Woodworth’s debut book and it’s out now in UK bookstores.

It talks about a girl who has to deal with everyday events and feelings (‘good’ and ‘bad’ ones) and overcomes the most difficult moments thanks to her imagination.
Why we liked it:
✔️ The story is super effective, although it resorts to a few stereotypes which I felt I needed to rephrase (I do that quite often, I admit I am extremely picky, but it’s a personal choice)
✔️ Sang Miao’s @sangmiao0307 illustrations are amazingly strong, my daughter instantly identified with the girl and studied all her facial expressions
✔️ It’s a positive, inspiring story
that can be used to give children a vocabulary for emotions, helping them to acknowledge and accept all feelings,
that rainbow of contradictory emotions that little ones often experience in one single day.
Showing that they can go through the toughest day thanks to the power of their mind.

They can hide in wonderful places thanks to their imagination (maybe with a book!), yes, but also look for a quiet place and just be.
Let the emotions flow and collect their thoughts before going back to the world.

This is the interpretation of the book that I prefer and what I try to teach my daughters every day.
And it’s tough in times of overstimulation, where negative feelings and silence are rejected.
Help children normalise anger and sadness, and to embrace boredom. It’s a nest for creativity.

🎶 Our soundtrack for this was obviously The Enemy's Away from here 🎶


Out, Out, Away From Here
by Rachel Woodworth
Illustrated by Sang Miao
English 🇬🇧 edition by Flying eye books
Italian 🇮🇹 edition not available
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Dealing with emotions, Acknowledge feelings, Build a vocabulary for emotions, Independence, Increasing Self-confidence

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