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Mia sorella e' un quadrifoglio

My sister is a four-leaf clover’ 🍀
It’s Viola speaking, telling us how it’s like to have a little sister with Down’s Syndrome.

From the moment she is born until the time she starts school, Viola explains how little Mimosa affects their family life, the difficulties, the process of getting to know her.
But above all she tells us what her sister likes, what she is good at, she tells us about her smile, just like if diversity wasn’t there, reminding us that diversity is an essential part of life. ☘️

❤️ Why we loved this:
• There is no mention to Down’s in the book, even if the condition affecting Mimosa will be clear to the adult reader. The story therefore resonates with anyone dealing with disability and diversity in general
• The narrator is a child, speaking a language that the young reader will understand, and ultimately telling him the things he wants to know
• Long, rich and gentle words by Beatrice Masini engage and inspire discussion
• It’s a big picture book with delicate illustrations. I can’t immagine a more graceful way to picture little Mimosa, and her sister’s love for her.
Italian edition by @carthusiaedizioni .

It’s a real shame that this title (and others by Beatrice) has not been translated in English.

Can please please please someone do this? 🙂
This is such an important book on such an important subject.
Children need to hear stories like this.


Mia sorella è un quadrifoglio [2012]
[🇬🇧 English edition not available]
By Beatrice Masini
Illustrated by Svjetlan Junaković
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Diversity, Disability, Family life, Acceptance, Self-Development

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