La Tigre e il Gatto [The Tiger and the Cat]

So now tell me why ’The Tiger and the Cat’ has been published in French, Italian, German, Spanish, but not in English? Come on someone must do something:)

This beautiful book by Japanese Illustrator Eitaro Oshima was published in 2010 but I only discovered it recently.
I loved the illustrations when I saw it, but my daughter did the true quality check:) She asked to read it every single day since I bought it.

The book celebrates cats telling us this inspiring Chinese legend of the tiger and his master, the cat.
Yes, because a long long time ago tigers were not good at hunting, and they learnt everything (well, not everything :) from cats.

Why do children love this?
The illustrations are amazingly realistic (Oshima has a passion for animals and is a member of the Japanese Wild Birds Society).
The story is fun to read and unusual, no cheesy stuff nor a straight forward moral here.
It shows the real effort of the tiger while learning new skills.
No heroes and magic, just hard work.

We look forward to the English edition 🇬🇧


La Tigre e il Gatto [2010]
Published in Italian by Babalibri
by Eitaro Oshima
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Independence, Working hard, Popular tales, Chinese culture

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