Il volo di osvaldo [The flight of Mr Finch]

This book by French illustrator Thomas Baas was published almost a year ago, and it has been translated recently in English.
If you are, like me, quite obsessed with the quality of the books that you buy, if you enjoy leafing through them feeling and sniffing (yep:) the paper, this book is for you!
This is a beautiful hardback maxi edition by Edizioni Clichy, with thick pages and vibrant colours which instantly catch children's attention.

Osvaldo is a Chaplin-like archetype of the ordinary man, living a lonely life with his songbird, until something magic happens, coming to free both of them from their cages.

Why we loved this:
- The chromatic choice emphasises the contrast ordinary/magic;
- It's a simple book that young readers can enjoy too, with multiple reading levels;
- The story teaches one of the most important lessons: love needs freedom, freedom brings love.


Il volo di Osvaldo [The Flight of Mer Finch]
by Thomas Baas
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Love, Friendship, Independence, Self development

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