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Grand Canyon

I have a not-so-secret passion for non- fiction books and couldn’t resist Jason Chin’s latest work.
It’s a book with the wow factor (seriously!), that will instantly engange first and second graders.

Chin takes us on a hike along the same trails he walked when he visited the Grand Canyon to explore Its geology and ecology, researching for the book.
He looked for fossils, imagining how the environment could be millions of years ago, he stared at magnificent landscapes.
You can sense the huge, meticolous work behind this book and you end up wishing you could just book the next flight to Arizona.
A rich detailed book with amazing detailed illustrations.
Some of the missing information was covered by the author’s imagination, but I find this doesn’t make the book less authoritative, just the opposite, it fosters enthusiasm in the young reader, which is the best thing a non-fiction book can do.
Everything is by the way honestly explained by the author at the end of the book.

This book is a fantastic example of how powerful illustrations can be, it resonates with the readers’ mind in a completely unique way.


Grand Canyon [2017]
🇮🇹Italian edition not available
Jason Chin
Reading age: 6+
Themes: Nature, Geology, Ecology, Adventure, Exploration of time and space

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