Goodnight moon

The book we've read the most? This one.
Together with Goodnight gorilla.
I recently realised that not every parent knows this classic story by Margareth Wise Brown, and seriously, anyone with a baby in the house should have a copy of it.

It's been for us (and I bet for many many other babies) an essential part of our bedtime routine, just like a lullaby is.
The magic of this book sits in its musicality and disarming simplicity, combined with a touch of surreal atmosphere:)
It's just the perfect length, it has the perfect sounds to say goodnight, words that ask to be read again and again.
There is then the predictability of the routine, saying goodnight to all things around, every day in the same order.
There is the reassurance of a perfectly still, quiet, tidy bedroom.

The story
It's time for bed for a little bunny. He is ready in his green bedroom and says goodnight to all the familiar objects around him, including his grandma (we assume) and the moon.

Note to Italian readers: If you don't feel like reading this in English, which I'd recommend (babies benefit from exposure to different languages even if they don't live abroad, right?:)
well, the good news is that this title has been published in Italian too last year by nordsudedizioni.


Goodnight Moon [1947]
by Margareth Wise Brown
Illustrated by Clement Hurd
Reading age: From birth
Themes: Bedtime, Separation, Routine, Winding down

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