Goodbye oil

Fossil fuels, energy saving, insulation, solar energy and sustainability.

If you are struggling to introduce these subjects to your children, this is a fantastic book to start with.
It explains in a very simple, engaging and fun way what oil is, where it comes from, its impact on the environment, why it’s important to live a life respectful of the resources that we have.
I have always found quite difficult to touch these concepts with my daughters, although I really felt the urge to do it as soon as possible.
If you feel the same, get your copy straight away! This is an important one.
The fantastic news is that Corraini published this title both in English and in Italian.
You can purchase both here.
Goodbye Oil [2018]
[available in Italian 🇮🇹 Ciao Ciao Petrolio]
By Harriett Russell
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Sustainability, Energy, Raising awareness on resources origin and consumption, Practical Life

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