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Dov'e' la casa dell'aquila?

I found this book in a lovely independent children’s bookstore in Ravenna, one of the rare ones still directly run by passionate booksellers, focusing on small, heartwarming selection of titles.
This is a big book with realistic, detailed and fascinating illustrations by Fabian Negrin, an incredibly beautiful, good quality edition by Orecchioacerbo.
Fabian was born in Argentina and moved to Italy in the 80’s where he illustrated several books (including some stunning editions of classic fairy tales) and was given some of the most important international awards.
Unfortunately many titles are still waiting to be translated in English.
‘Dov’è la casa dell’aquila?’ (where is the home of the eagle?) tells us the story of a young boy who wants to save an eagle from his dad’s rifle, and walks alone in the forest to find her.
A very simple story with short rhyme senteces which feels like a parabola.
Negrin’s usual powerful illustrations convey the sense of sacrality of nature, the forest he draws just blew our minds.
The illustrations would be strong enough to make this an excellent silent book. Thanks Momo for recommending it! :)
Dov’è la casa dell’aquila? [English version not available]
By Fabian Negrin
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Relationship with Nature, Independence, Courage

Here is Momo, lovely Children's bookstore in beautiful Ravenna
Yes it's my bag with nappies inside on that chair :D

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