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Aldila' della foresta

Beyond the Forest [Au-delà de la forêt] was given the 2017 Harry Black award as best French picture book for children aged 3-8 years.
It’s been published in Italian by orecchioacerbo and we absolutely loved it.
The narrator is a young hare living with his dad in a small village next to a big thick forest which no one ever dared to enter.

One day they decide to build a huge tower to find out what’s beyond the forest.
It will take a lot of work, more than what a single man can do.
But the entire community will be infected by their enthusiasm and will decide to help.

An ode to instinct, curiosity and determination, this book encourages to look beyond all walls of prejudice and fear.
Nadine Robert writes a truly inspiring story about the power of individual freedom of thought, about the way it can drive enlightened collective actions.

Beautiful, detailed illustrations by Gérard Dubois take up most of the page. I loved the colour palette and the rétro feeling, they reminded me of history books illustrations from the 18th century.

We look forward to an English edition! 🇬🇧


Aldilá della foresta [2017]
By Nadine Robert
Illustrated by Gérard Dubois
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Curiosity, Freedom of Thought, Courage, Overcoming Fear

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