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A different pond

This is not an idyllic mountain fishing pond, it's a different pond.
Author Bao Phi gives us a no frills picture of his childhood, when he used to wake up early with his dad to go fishing for food, not for fun.

This is a pond in a suburban area of Minneapolis, where he grew up with his six siblings and his parents, who migrated from Vietnam to the US in 1975, escaping the war.
Very simple events taking place in the hours before dawn: there is nothing exciting or ideal here , but the true story of a boy and his family facing the difficulties of migration and the increased awareness of life far from there, in the places that his parents used to call ‘home’.

Thi Bui is strikingly good at illustrating this story, giving us a poignant book that tastes of neorealism.
Reality can be much more interesting and inspiring for children than invention and we should trust their capability to understand.
We truly need more picture books like this, for our children and for ourselves.
A different Pond
by Bao Phi
Illustrated by Thi Bui
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Migration, War, Social Integration

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