The Shortest Day

So the shortest day came, and the year died.
The pagan celebration of the Yuletide season (which goes from December 21st to January 1st) is one of the oldest Winter celebrations in the world.
People in Britain were celebrating the Winter Solstice well before the arrival of Christianity, in times when weather and the seasons were at the centre of peoples’ life, which was mostly spent outdoors.

Unfortunately, there are not many good books exploring this fascinating and historically important subject.

‘The Shortest Day’ published by @walkerbooksuk is our favourite: Carson Ellis fills the gorgeous illustrations with darkness and Winter light, sensibly following and reinforcing Susan Cooper’s evocative writing.

A beautiful book with just the right amount of information for preschoolers (3-6 y)

Whenever you are ready to incorporate more facts you can then add ‘The Shortest Day’ published by Puffin, which is at present the most complete as well as clearer resource on the topic for primary school children.
Illustrations are not quite at the same level, although the book is nicely structured and very informative.
It goes more into detail of Solstice facts, exploring past and present celebrations around the world.

Welcome December!✨🌑✨

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