A story of Frida Kahlo

Who better than Anthony Browne could illustrate Frida Kahlo's surrealism?
Who better than him could go beyond biography taking us where art meets the subconscious mind?
The book was inspired by the painting ‘The Two Fridas’ and by the true story of Frida Kahlo’s imaginary friend.
6 year-old Frida used to visit her happy and active alter-ego in the 9 months of convalescence that followed her illness with polio, and she then described her in her diary.
This is a tribute to Little Frida and to her imagination as well as a reflection on what could have been, but never was. On how we live with it.
I love Anthony Browne’s art although the surreal feature makes many of his titles not suitable for younger children(there are only a few that I’d keep for the age group 3-6).
Older children (6-9), however, together with adults, can be enormously inspired by his totally unique perspective on reality, by the distortion of the space-time dimension and by his unconventional aesthetics.
Anthony Browne is published in the UK by Walker Books 

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