Talking About Consent, Respect and Bodily Autonomy


How do we help our child to find her voice, when people cross physical boundaries?

This is a special little book about consent that all parents of young children should have in their house.

It’s written in comic style and it’s super clear. It breaks down the concepts of boundary, consent, respect, bodily autonomy, making them easy to understand in an entertaining, light way.

There’s not just the bully at school, your child may be struggling with that touchy-feely friend always touching his hair or with an aunt whose favourite game is tickling.

Teaching boundaries and consent is probably our most difficult and important task as parents.

I strongly believe that respectful parenting is the way to do it from the start. We teach respect in the early years at all times in the way we parent, in the way we respond to our child and take care of their body, the language we use, in the way we decide to see her.

Only when we see the child free from judgement as a capable human being, we can stop patronising her and model respect.

Then it goes on as the child enters new environments and meets new peers and adults along the way, the learning process about boundaries is a long one, but if we make it right from the beginning, it’s gonna be an incredible gift for life.

Because self-respect and self-love are the key for a happy life.❤️

Respect. Consent, Boundaries and Being in Charge of You

By Rachel Brian

Published by @wrenandrookbook

Reading age: 5+

Themes: Consent

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