Could I love Peggy Rathmann’s books more? We have them all and I can’t keep myself from sharing them every time they reappear around the house, just in case someone of you has missed them:)

All Rathmann’s book are fresh, funny and real and will just stay like that after 20 readings. My children actively look for them and have asked to read them multiple times throughout the years, very very few author/illustrators have achieved that status in our home.

Ruby the copycat tells the story of a young girl who obsessively copies the probably prettiest girl in the new class she just moved in, driven by insecurity and by the need to integrate into the new group of children.

As always happens, the girl will first be flattered by Ruby's attentions and adoration, then she will start to get annoyed until their relationship reaches a breaking point.

Their teacher will manage to sort things out, encouraging Ruby to think about the things that make her special, and that her new classmates will love and want to copy!

It’s all about real-life issues here told in a fun and light tone, not corny, yet very sweet.

Go check it out!
Ruby the Copycat [2006]
bt Peggy Rathmann
Published by Scholastic
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Relationship with others, School Life, Identity

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