The magic box

Komako Sakai is one of my absolute treasured author/illustrators and her latest book has instantly become a favourite in my house. She is published in Italian by Babalibri. This title is not yet available in English (waiting here!:)
Little Riko wants to play, but her brother is bossing her around and mum is working.
Every child needs his own space and mom helps Riko carve it out in a cardboard box with scissors, cloth, balls of wool ... and a little imagination!
A sweet sweet ending will reunite the two siblings into the same space at snack time, restoring the magic of playing together.

Why we love Komako Sakai stories:
- They are real
- They depict familiar situations the child can identify with
- The illustrations offer a great level of detail to spark the child's imagination
- They are serene, reassuring stories modelling positive problem-solving
- To say it in my daughter's words ' they give ideas'. 

Which idea did this book gave us? Scroll down to find out:)
La Scatola Magica [November 2019]
by Komako Sakai
Italian edition published by Babalibri
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Imagination, Siblings, Open-ended play

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