Rosa's Bus

'Rosa's Bus' is a beautifully illustrated book for children 9+, published in 2013 by Orecchio Acerbo, that's still missing an English-language edition.

Detroit. Henry Ford Museum. An old African American man and a boy, his grandson, sit in the centre of a large hall. It's the Rosa Parks bus, the one on which, in Montgomery, Alabama, she refused to give way to a white man. 
The old man knows the story well: he was on that bus too, that distant day in December. He begins to tell The Story. 
The story of the times when there were classes for black and white children in schools, when in public places, just like dogs, black people were forbidden to enter, when there were white-hooded men who beat, burned, killed. 
The boy's eyes widen in disbelief, the old man is moved. But it is not so much the pain of those memories that burns him, as the memory of that day, when not only did he not support Rosa's 'NO', but he tried to divert her. 

A moving story about a piece of history and and beyond, this is a book about fear.

Fear turns off our hearts, gags the thought, cages the word.
Fear forces us to silence, isolates us, takes us away from those affected by injustice and from those who try to rebel against injustice.
Fear is our first tyrant and the favourite weapon of all tyrants.

With the support of Amnesty International, a great international co-edition to tell children about the woman who changed the history of the African-Americans.

This book has also been published in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Korea.
Written by Fabrizio Silei, Italian Sociologist of Identity and Memory, and writer of essays and books for Children and YA
Illustrated by award-winning Italian artist Maurizio Quarello
Italian edition published by Orecchio Acerbo
Reading age: 9+
Themes: History, Identity, Civil rights

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