Grandma's house

We miss grandma's house. We have missed it in these long months of lockdown, more than having our own garden. Her house, that's 'always different but always stays the same', the smells, hugging grandma. Hugs especially have become such a mirage.
So when I came across this book by the very talented Alice Melvin and it hit me straight in the heart.
Also, my daughter's birthday is in Summer, when we usually are at grandma's house celebrating in the garden, so this book had a particular meaning for her.
Alice captures the essence of all grandmas' houses: even if yours is smaller, or bigger, or less fancy, any child will most definitely be able to find some familiar details and will love to explore the rooms peeking through the cut-out doors and windows and clever fold-out pages.
I absolutely love Alice's hyper-detailed illustration style and the tidy, warm decor of this house, it just blows my mind away.

But wait, where is grandma? Just follow the little girl...
Grandma's House [April 2015]
by Alice Melvin
English-language edition published by Tate
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Grandparents love, Relationship with the elderly

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