Understanding consequences: The bear with the sword

A very timely parable about consequences, showing how we are all part of the whole.
This book was written by Italian storyteller Davide Cali' over a decade ago, and still retains its force.

A bear is keen on trying out his sword to show how powerful it is, and goes around in the forest chopping trees.
When suddenly a flood destroys his home, burning with anger, he embarks on a journey to find the one guilty for that disaster. 
He first accuses the dam-keepers, who accuse the pig deer, who accuse the fox, who accuse the birds..
and you know where this is going, the bear finally gets to the bottom of it and realises the truth, he was the one who caused the flood, chopping down al the trees.

A short, ingenious and clear story, sensibly illustrated by Gianluca Foli', who decides to leave plenty of white space to the words, so the child can work them out and follow the sequence of events, understanding the concept of consequence.

Shouldn't we all be taking responsibility for our actions now more than ever,  practicing some forward-thinking?
The Bear with the sword [January 2010]
Written by Davide Cali'
Illustrated by Gianluca Foli'
English-language edition published by Wilkins Farago

Italian edition published by Zoolibri
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Parable, Consequences, Growing up

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