Tiny - The invisible world of microbes

Do I even need to say you why I took this book off the shelf to re-read it?
'Tiny' is probably the best first book about microbiology out there, meaning that it can be offered to children as young as three.
Microorganisms ('microbes') are the tiniest living creatures on earth. They come in many shapes and are everywhere. Microbes can do great, great things. Beautiful things most of the times, like recycling everything that dies and turning it into soil, or creating snowflakes..
Luckily, most of them are busy doing something else away from us, but some, like germs and viruses, (the tiniest microbes!) can make us sick. 
That's why we want to stop them from entering our body.

The text is concise, clear, as it always is in Nicola's books. She gives children just the right amount of information to understand the vital connection that we and the natural world have with microbes, highlighting the risks that some of them pose to our health, without any anxiety.

Colourful, serene and charming illustrations by Emily Sutton are a delight to explore while reading, precise enough to content a 3-6 year old without overwhelming him with details.

Recently, Axel Scheffer illustrated a very helpful book explaining coronavirus to children, which you can download for free here:

However, you might not want to go in such detail with young children, who however will still need to be given information and explanations about what is happening, as this particular virus changed their life hugely.
Tiny does just that.

Must-have book!
Tiny - The invisible world of microbes [2014]
Written by Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Emily Sutton
English-language edition published by Walker Books
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Health, Microbiology

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