This is Sadie and this is her story. 
She might be around 4 years old and she always has so much to do.

This little book is a gem: talking directly to the reader, the author lets us take a peek into an 'ordinary' day of beautiful open-ended play, from the moment Sadie wakes up until bedtime. 

Julie Morstad  does her magic, as usual, drawing little girls like no one else, surrounded by a whole set of familiar items and situations. 
Dresses to choose from, sleeping parents in the morning, dreams of living in the wild, a little house in the living room… children will love all the details hidden in the illustrations, pointing at them with excitement.

and now excuse me but I have a house to build in the living room :)
This is Sadie [May 2015]
Written by Sara O'Leary
Illustrated by Julie Morstad
English-language edition published by Tundra Books
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Identity, Play

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