All things must pass

Here’s an interestingly spot-on release in this troubled 2020: 'The things that pass' (that's the original French/Italian title, questionably translated into 'Forever' for the English edition) echoes the global mantra Everything will be alright and turns out to be a valuable little book to reflect on change and to address reassurance-seeking in young children (0-6).
I doubt @beatricealemagna had seen a pandemic coming when she conceived this book, but there you go, it came in handy :)
Forever Le cose che passano (IT)  Les choses qui s'en vont (FR) is a small-format book,  designed to be explored by small hands, with little text and a predictable structure: a list of familiar things that are there and then go away (the dust, milk teeth, a wound, bubbles, etc..) where change is marked by translucent pages.

Non-readers will grasp the meaning just leafing through the pages, as we read it aloud reinforcing the message.

Sometimes things change
Sometimes things fly away
Sometimes things disappear

But there's one thing that lasts forever...

I like that the attempt to normalise changes comes with the idea of transformation (vs disappearance) and with the feeling of relief and routine, as resilience only comes with attachment and reassurance.
Children need to hear that tears pass, that everything will be alright, that love does NOT change.
They need to know where their safe space is and where they can seek comfort, always, forever.

Forever [20th January 2020]
Le cose che passano [16th April 2019]
by Beatrice Alemagna
English-language edition published by Thames&Hudson
Italian edition published by Topipittori
Reading age: 2+
Themes: Attachment, Resilience, Change, Growing up

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