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A Love Letter to Planet Earth:
Hidden Planet by Ben Rothery

Celebrating Non-Fiction November with possibly the most awesome release of the season.
Ben Rothery's second book was presented in Bologna back in April and I've been waiting since then to have my copy. Having loved Sensational Butterflies I knew this book would be outstanding.
Ben Rothery was a wildlife-obsessed boy, inspired by both David Attenborough and Indiana Jones, who grew up into and incredibly talented, detail-obsessed illustrator. He takes illustration beyond its limits, bringing it closer to photography and to natural history study.
So basically he produces some truly awe-inspiring pieces of art for both preschoolers and grown ups:)

"Now, I explore the natural world through drawing and writing - but it's not enough for me to produce  a technically accurate picture of an animal. I also need to understand what's happening beneath the fur and the feathers"

In this love letter to Planet Earth Rothery some hidden species,  species with hidden abilities and species with hidden connections with one another. There are also animals that literally live hidden from sight and whose colours hide a secret..

Find out what convergent evolution is, and meet some animals that are surprisingly unlike another.

All budding naturalists will get lost in the huge double-page spreads and hopefully fall in love with Planet Earth, and all the remarkably diverse species we share our world with.
Hidden Planet [3rd October 2019]
by Ben Rothery
English-language edition published by Ladybird, an imprint of Penguin Random House
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Nature, Animals, Natural History

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