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Welcome to The Museum: Anatomicum

Welcome to Anatomicum. The latest addition to the sumptuous series published by Big Picture Press is as bit as splendid as you can imagine. 
The book was written by Dr Jennifer Z.Paxton, lecturer in anatomy at the University of Edinburgh, and illustrated by Katy Wiedemann, who blends her passion for the scientific illustration of the past with a sophisticated, Renaissance-inspired figurative style.  The aesthetic makes this book a classic, standing out the myriad of titles on the same topic, reminding us how old the study of anatomy is.
Anatomy is in fact the basis for all modern medical science and it has been studied since 1600bc.
Nowadays, technology allows to see the body and its tissues like never before, leading to the development of tissue engineering science.
This is a must have for children who are into anatomy and for those who are not there yet, and for all classroom libraries. 
Anatomicum features that clear, neat layout that we know from the previous titles of the series, with text on the left and full-page illustrations on the right, including some awe-inspiring double-page spreads that will blow your mind.

So, what makes the body tick?

Enter the Museum.

Anatomicum [19th September 2019]
Written by Jennifer Z Paxton
Illustrated and curated by Katy Wiedemann 
Published by Big Picture Press
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Science, Anatomy

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