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The Golden Cage
by Anna Castagnoli & Carll Cneut

And this European beauty is finally out in English! 
After 5 years being out there in bookshops on the continent, we needed a publisher as brave as BookIsland to import this dark, offbeat fairytale to the UK.
Written by Italian author Anna Castagnoli and illustrated by Belgian artist Carll Cneut, this is no ordinary book, as it plays with the canons of the classic tales: a spoiled, annoying princess, an impossible gift, a wise servant, several bloodsheds and a thought-provoking ending.
Irreverent, sumptuously illustrated and gorgeously oversized, we love it.

Bravo to Laura Watkinson for the sensible translation from Dutch.
The attention to the lettering and to the layout is visible, the large format gives more space to enjoy the sensational illustrations and to get lost into the level of detail.

Read through the English version here (spoiler alert: the ending is revealed in the final 3 images) and go to our full review here

To purchase the book jump here

The Golden Cage [September 2019]
Words by Anna Castagnoli
Art by Carll Cneut
English language edition published by BookIsland Books
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Childhood, Growing up, Love, Desire

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