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A Planet Full of Plastic

I want my children to be able to swim safely in sea throughout their life. And I want to do that too.
Although we are back to our routine in the city now, like most of you are, I can’t take my mind off this happy place. The sea has this superpower of leaving you with a clearer mind, stronger and more centred, somehow flushing unnecessary thoughts and needs that build up during colder months.
And because we love the sea so much, we’ve been doing a lot of reading about plastic pollution over the summer, and actively removed bits of rubbish from the beaches we visited. 
There’s a whole bunch of fantastic books out there for all ages which you must check out.

A Planet Full of Plastic, written by British author/illustrator Neal Layton, is a brilliant introduction for pre-schoolers to the essential concept of biodegradability  and to the topic single-use plastic and its impact on the planet. The author combines quirky illustrations with a clear text and a smart lettering to engage children and make difficult concepts very easy to understand and fun.
Keeping it fun is important you know, when you educate young children about big themes, so that they can feel empowered instead of powerless and scared.
The great thing about this book (and there are more in bookshops) is that parents get to read them as well, and they will most definitely end up learning something too, eventually working out some changes to the family consumption habits together with their children.

Because no one is too small, or too big, to make a difference.

A Planet Full of Plastic [27th June 2019]
by Neal Layton
Published by Wren &Rook
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Sustainability Pollution, Ecology

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