Old Man and The Sea

Summer is for most of us the time for travel. We are not all born voyagers though, for most of us leaving our comfort zone to explore and embrace diversity is a learnt skill.
Lantana Publishing has brought to the UK from Brazil this simple yet engaging story that introduces younger children to the theme of travel while also celebrating the inspiration that children can take from the elderly.
There is a grandfather with a big luggage of real and imagined tales to tell about his life at sea, and a child ready to embark on a bedtime journey across the continents.

Strikingly vibrant illustrations and an evocative text blend together to inspire little ones to look out of the window, and a little beyond.
Out soon on August 29th!

Old Man and The Sea [29th August 2019]
Written by Stella Elia
Illustrated by Weberson Santiago
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Travel, Grandparents

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