A first book of mindfulness

Bronwen Ballard is a London-based coach and psychologist who teaches mindfulness-based thinking skills in primary schools.
"Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to our thoughts, kindly and without judgment. When we are mindful, we begin to notice that although our thoughts often seem like the truth, they are really just thoughts, and we don't always need to follow where they lead".

Getting used to think about how we think and finding ways to do it better requires some practice but the rewards are huge. greater levels of attention and happiness, decreased stress levels and reduced risk to experience anxiety and depression.

In this first book the author helps children to visualise their thoughts in the form of weather conditions: negative thoughts are like rainclouds, often that big that we can't see anything else.
Mindfulness practice helps us to remember that rainclouds are just clouds, that there's a blue sky above them, and to notice the other white, fluffy clouds all around.
When we acknowledge that our thoughts are just thoughts, we are empowered to decide which ones we want to pay attention to.

How cool is that? :)

Having no experience whatsoever with mindfulness practice and being in one of the most boisterous moment of my life, I thought that this book had come to the rescue.
So I bought it for both myself and my daughter.
Since she was about four, we have slowly started to incorporate some breathing exercises into her bedtime routine, as she would find it difficult to wind down and to distance herself from the events of the day. This especially happens on weekdays .
So we talk about her day, about past days and future days, in order to practice putting things into a perspective, releasing intense, sometimes unwanted emotions and calming them down.

The difficult part has always been to talk about thoughts and imagination with her, as these are intangible, and young children struggle, understandably, to perceive them as something kind of separated from them. The understanding of the body-mind dichotomy clearly requires high levels of self-awareness and mindfulness, which very often even adults lack of.

This book is therefore a perfect tool to start and support a conversation with our children about the sometimes crazy products (and byproducts!) of our mind, teaching them that by just acknowledging these thoughts and feeling, they can learn how to keep them under control and live a happier life.

Go out there and get your copy of this please:)
Your mind is like the sky [February 2019]
Written by Brownen Ballard
Illustrated by Laura Carlin
Published by Frances Lincoln children's Books
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Mindfulness, Learning about emotions

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