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Developmental Milestones: a tale by Benji Davies

Meet Tad, the smallest tadpole in the pond. She has to move her tail twice as fast as her brothers and sisters to keep up.
Day by day he looks at the other tadpoles growing up into frogs and disappearing from the pond.
What will happen to him? Will she ever lose her tail and become a frog, strong enough to survive Big Blub?

A straight-forward, understated allegory of childhood that instantly resonates with little ones, as it condenses that sense of mystery, impatience and fear that come with growing up and body changes. 
Benji Davies writes a necessary happy ending where Tad finally becomes a frog joining her peers safely outside the pond, to remind young readers that we all develop in our own time, almost magically, when we are ready.
Heart-warming, reassuring and freeing, we love Tad already!
Tad [7th March 2019]
by Benji Davies
English-language edition by Harper's Collins Children's Books
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Growing up, Milestones, Relationship with others, Siblings

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