Trash Revolution

Do you ever feel surrounded by too much stuff? It's everywhere. Studies suggest that everyone of us will produce 600 times our own weight in waste over the course of our lifetimes.
And what happens to all that stuff that gets thrown away? That's not the end.
Not everything ends up in a landfill. And very little is recycled.
Does your child make questions about garbage, does he look around at what your neighbourhood looks like on garbage collection day?
Trash Revolution by Canadian author Erica Fyvie explores the waste cycle of the everyday objects that we use, encouraging kids to examine the objects they usually carry in their back pack to school.

Find out:
- Where the water you drink comes from;
- Where your packed lunch comes from and its real cost;
- What your clothes are made of and how long a pair of running shoes take to decompose
- Why you should ban single-use plastic
- Where E-waste goes…

and much more.

A fundamental reading for all children aged 9-12, and for grown ups too, this is just the perfect family gift.
Text by Canadian academic writer Erica Fyvie is nicely laid out in short paragraphs to make it visually more engaging and accessible as a shared resource in the classroom, and it's perfectly paired with Slavin's quirky illustrations.
Do you really need more stuff this Christmas? You can gift donations to charity organizations, and you can give the gift of education, to start breaking the waste cycle.
Trash Revolution [4th March 2018]
Written by Erica Fyvie
Illustrated by Bill Slavin
English-language edition published by Kids Can Press
Reading age: 9+
Themes: Ecology, Waste Cycle, Non-Fiction, Sustainability


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