Calling all budding nature detectives: The clue is in the poo...

Poo is probably the most useful stuff on earth, why are grown-ups shy about it?
Faeces (to put it scientifically) are the way animals (and humans!) get rid of body waste, and they are everywhere, coming in all shapes and sizes, depending on the animal's diet.  
Here are three super fun and entertaining books written by three much loved authors, guaranteed to satisfy the curiosity of all young wildlife detectives:)

The clue is in the poo is the brand new book by English author and humourist Andy Seed, who invites readers to discover wildlife by looking at the clues that animals leave behind.
Yes because animals leave all sort of traces everywhere: faeces are an important one, but also footprints, meal leftovers, pellets, feathers, hair, bones and bits of their homes.
A funny (eye-opening!) illustrated compendium of curiosities, filled with humour, that will entertain the whole family, possibly inspiring a new generation of foragers.
Written by Andy Seed
Illustrated by Claire Almon
English-language edition published by QED Publishing, an imprint of the Quarto Group
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Nature, Animals

This book by Nicola Davies remains a classic among non-fiction books about animal science: the author explores all different types of faeces, explaining the difference between meat-eaters and plant-eaters, and what we can learn from it.
Did you know that animals also hunt by looking at their  prey's poo, and why some eat their own faeces?
Text by English zoologist Nicola Davies is clear and informative as usual, and accompanied by Neal Layton funny illustrations, which work on a parallel reading level to add humour to the main fact-filled narration.
Written by Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Neal Layton
English-language edition published by Walker Books
Italian edition published by Editoriale Scienza

Reading age:4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, animals

The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business is an unmissable classic, which I'd recommend to get in the super cute miniature edition for small hands.
It's a first funny introduction to the theme of poo, which let's face it, all children are very interested in, a short story showing how poo is ultimately natural for everyone, although coming in many different forms.
Poo is the first indicator of our status, for all of us. Get your children to be relaxed about it, paying attention to their body functions. It's actually more important than what it seems.
Written by Werner Holzwarth
Illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch
English-language edition published by Pavillon Books
Italian edition published by Salani Editore

Reading age: 3+
Themes: Animals, Fun

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